A Place where your wild dreams come to life, Welcome to the world of felines and more! Elandaur is an Intermediate roleplay site hosted on a Premium membership board. We are a rating of 333 scale and also welcome allow color ranges and items on your character! We have a minimum word count of 200 and each character on one account of its own! We do not allow OOC accounts!

OOC ----
NEW -- A new season and year is upon us.
5/21/2016 -- You can now create a band for 400 bones. Contact the staff for more information.
5/19/2016 -- Tonight is our first FREE TRIAL for a band group to be made, FREE OF CHARGE.
5/10/2016 -- Congrats to our April OTM winners. Soon Elandaur will be having her first litter!.
5/5/2016 -- Celebrating 20 members submit your wishlist item and wait
4/47/2016 -- OOC Land event has ended today.
4/24/2016 -- EVENT IS COMING TO AND END! Be sure to read the update thread because this is mandatory for ALL members with accounts on the site. Every character you posses is expected to post. Read it here
4/22/2016 -- Staff auditions will be announced soon!
4/20/2016 -- Elandaur's 3rd birthday!
4/17/2016 -- OOC Event is being held for the week View here. OTM's Have and are officially opened up!
4/16/2016 -- The skins have been updated and changed - Every other week we will add more skins but right now we have gone down to two updated newer versions. WE NOW HAVE PROFILES! - RED
4/15/2016 -- Staff Auditions are now open, New staff members will be announced next week. Here -RED
4/14/2016 -- Please cast your vote HERE this is an important issue. -RED

IC ----
5/23/2016 -- The year has changed!
5/18/2016 -- Looks like a band is starting to be created, who will run them?
5/1/2016 -- A sacrifice has been made!
4/26/2016 -- New lands have been found, what will happen next?
4/20/2016 -- A Xebulisk has been spotted !
4/17/2016 -- It looks like Elandaur is having a slave auction!
4/13/2016 -- What is this? It looks like a God is trying to get a slave! View Here.
4/11/2016 -- UHOH, The gods are falling from the sky!
4/3/2016 -- New gods have stepped onto Elandaur. What will happen when they meet?

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